Video: Ford Super Duty owner plays tug of war with tow truck driver repossessing his pickup

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Some people just don’t know when to quit.

In a scene taken straight from the raunchy Paul Rudd buddy comedy "Role Models," a Florida man refused to accept the inevitable when told that his Ford Super Duty was being repossessed. Instead of reaching for his cell phone to contact his loan lender, Yohanys Lopez reached for his keys, hopped in the driver’s seat of his pickup and attempted to outmuscle the tow truck it was already hooked up to.

The story goes that Lopez was behind on payments for his F-250. When he spotted his pickup being hauled away, he caught up with the tow truck and asked to retrieve some personal belongings from the vehicle. However, when Lopez hopped inside the cabin, the tow driver knew they had a problem. He proceeded to park his Ford F-450, hop out of the truck and begin filming as Lopez tried unsuccessfully to break away from the safety chains.

Even with the F-250 in 4-wheel drive and tugging away as hard as it can, this contest was pretty much over before it started. All it resulted in was Lopez wrecking the rear end of his pickup and ending up in a pair of handcuffs courtesy of Homestead, Florida’s police department.

We have to admit that’s a nice truck Lopez owns (or did own). We’re just not sure if it’s nice enough to be worth grand theft and criminal mischief charges.
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